New Solar Panel Cuts Energy Bills In Half. Power Companies Are Furious Over New Policy.

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This is the 1 simple truth your power company doesn't want you to know. If you currently own a home and live in a qualified zip code, you could be eligible to get an extremely huge discount on your energy bill.

Additionally, the government has implemented new energy policies that gives $1,000's back to every consumer who uses solar panels. But do you think your power company will tell you that? I bet not. When homeowners visit the Provide Solar Savings™ official site and enter their address, the results can be pretty shocking. We weren’t surprised when we got questions from homeowners askingif these rates are real. The truth is people say it‘s possible to save up to 70% on their car energy bill and some say they were eligible for rates as low as $19/ month due to recent policy changes. When we heard about these claims, we decided to investigate it for ourselves.

Our in house financial team set out to test these types of savings and after a few days of research what they found was very exciting. Our team discovered that not only were these claims true, but that one of our team members ended up saving over $1500 a year when compared to what they were previously paying. They also found that many other people are indeed able to save similar amounts.

Does this mean you're being scammed by your power company? Our research indicates that many people are being misled into thinking these savings aren't possible with your home. When one of our team members confronted their power company about this, they were told "because every house is different, we weren't sure if your house would work with this type of program." Yeah, right.

Since homeowners average savings are up to 70%, it’s no wonder services like these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that Provide Solar Savings™ is one of the most reliable, trusted services and highly effective tools to help consumers start saving.

We thank Provide Solar Savings™ for providing such an amazing service with an honest effort to saving money for families across America. You can click here if you would like to use the online tool to enjoy the benefits of this free service..

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